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Ukraine’s steps during the crisis period

30thof August, 2006.

Kyiv, Ukraine Consultations between Russia and Ukraine on the Transnistrian problem. From the Russian Foreign Ministry, special ambassadors V.Keneaikin and V. Nesterushkin, from Ukraine – the president’s special representative and deputy foreign minister Andriy Vesselovskiy, discuss their approaches regarding negotiations, in the presence of observers with participation from the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria.

22ndof September, 2006

Moscow, the meeting between Russia’s deputy foreign minister G.Karasin, and Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister A.Vesselovskiy at Russia-Ukraine consultations regarding Transnistrian problem. According to the official release, there was an exchange of opinions on relations between Republic of Moldova and Transnistria, prospects for further negotiation (5+2 format) were discussed.

15thof October 2006

The GUAM Parliament assembly at the session did not manage to approve measures to fight „aggressive separatism”. It was decided that the GUAM Commission for political and juridical problems will prepare its recommendations for the fourth session of Parliament to be held in March 2007 in Kyiv.

17-18thof October 2006

Odessa, Ukraine. Consultations between Russian, Ukrainian and OSCE mediators and observers from US and the EU took place, regarding Transnistrian settlement. On the 18th of October, the observerrs and mediators had separate meetings with Republic of Moldova and Transnistria representatives.

The mediators and observators expressed their availability for reaching a viable solution in the Transnistrian problem. The Transnistrian part underlined the importance of respecting the mutual agreement regarding external economic trade, according to the Memorandum of the 8th of may 1997, which regulates the relations between Moldova and Transnistria.

20thof March 2007

The meeting in the 3+2 format that took place in Vienna. A call to restore contacts between Moldova and Transnistria was launched during the negotiation process. OSCE, Russian and Ukrainian mediators and US and EU observers manifest their concern regarding the lack of dialogue between the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria.

29thof March 2007

In Moscow took place the political consultations between Russian Foreign vice-minister, and Ucrainian Foreign vice-minister, Andriy Vesselovskiy.

During the meeting regional security problems were discussed.

23thof April 2007

Ukrainian Foreign minister, Arseniy Yatseniuk, said in Kyiv that Ukraine considers the settlement of Transnistrian conflict to be a priority for the GUAM peacekeepers. Yatseniuk promissed that Ukraine would consider every part involved in the conflict.

11thof May 2007

Andriy Vesselovskiy and Valerii Nesterushkin noticed at the meeting the necessity of the “5+2”negotiation format to be resumed.

22ndof May 2007

The Supreme Soviet`s delegation led by Evghenii ªevciuk,is heading to Moscow on celebrating Transnistrian Days suffered abodily search at the Ukrainian customs, on its way to Odessa`s airport.

29thof May 2007

The meeting between Valeriu Liþkai and Andriy Vesselovskiy, Ukrainian Foreign deputy minister and presidential special envoy on Transnistrian

problem has been held. The parties got to an agreement that will allow the dialogue and constructive decisions.

Transnistrian part express its concern about Moldavian Government Decision no. 301 (custom control from Moldova on the imports from Transnistria ) from the17th March 2007 and with regard to its possible result on the situation in the area.

3rdof June 2007

Serghei Pirojkov, the new Ucrainian ambassador in the Republic of Moldova visited the Tiraspol’s State University named after T.G.

Shevchenko. As a result of his meeting with the University rector, Stepan Beril, he decided that a cultural centre should be oppened at the University.

04thof June 2007

Valerii Liþkai, Transnistrian „foreign minister” met Serhiy Pirozhkov, Ukrainian ambassador to the Republic of Moldova. They talked about the current situation and previous agreements. The Transnistrian part expressed its concern about Moldavian Government Decission no. 301 S. Pirozhkov said that it is necessary to hold consultations between all parts involved. He also said that Ukraine intends to protect the rights of its economic agents.

7thof June 2007

Victor Yushchenko,Ukraine’s President, during his meeting with Andrei Stratan, MAEIE of R.M., stated that Ukraine`s position remains unchanged – Kyiv sustains a peaceful solution based on Republic of Moldova`s sovereignty and integrity. Ukraine’s President underlined the necessity of bilateral disussions and Ukraine`s interest in „developpment on all directions for a colaboration between Moldova and Ukraine, on the level of cultural and humanitarian understanding”. Yushchenko suggested that the minoritiy rights should be protected. During the press conference, after the meeting, Andrei Stratan denied the possibility of signing separate documents between Republic of Moldova and Russia on CIS summit on 10th June 2007 in Sankt-Petersburg.

25thof June 2007

Istanbul. Vladimir Voronin had a meeting with Viktor Yushchenko, and restated the Moldovian authorities` interest in the resume of negotiation in the „5+2” format. The head of the state mentioned Ukraine`s contribution to Transnistrian settlement and his gratitude to Viktor Yushchenko.

12thof July 2007

Alexandr Chaly, Deputy Head of the President’s secretariat stated in Kyiv that the situation of Transnistrian settlement will be discussed at Viktor Yuschenko`s visit in Moldova.

10thof September 2007

Vasile ªova, Reintegration minister had a meeting with the Ucrainian abassador in Moldova, Serghei Pirojkov. The parties talked about the Transnistrian settlement and negotiations in the 5+2 format. The parties exchanged opinions regarding Moldavian-Ukrainian colaboration and border transparency, with EUBAM support.

19thof September 2007

Ukraine’s Foreign vice minister, Andriy Vesselovskiy and Russian special ambassador Valerii Nesterushkin discused in Moscow about the resume of negotiation process regarding Transnistrian settlement.

30thof September 2007

Pro-Russian parties of Ukraine won at polling station at the Ukraine’s Embassy in RM. 70% of Ukraine citizens voted for Viktor Yanukovich Party of Regions 10% – for Progressive-socialist party of Natalia Vitrenko.

Yulia Tymoshenko`s block gained 5%, pro-presidential „Our Ukraine” – 4%.

16thof November 2007

Andriy Veselovskiy, in his brief at Kyiv stated that informational consulation regarding Trasnistrian settlement in 5+2 format will be resumed. He said that this format was going to a change.

29thof November 2007

Igor Smirnov met Ukrainian ambassador, Serhiy Pirozhkov. One of the main theme was bilateral cooperation for humanitarian area, especially teaching in Transnistria in the Ukrainian language.

20thof December 2007

Tiraspol. Ukrainian cultural centre visited by Serhiy Pirozhkov, Ukrainian ambassador to Moldova..

17thof January 2008

Ukrainian Foreign minister, Volodymyr Ogryzko and OSCE president, Ilkka Kanerva, said that the negotiation process in 5+2 format must be unblocked.

The parties suggested that an international mission should be created with Russian, Republic of Moldova and Trasnistria’s participation.

29thof January 2008

The meeting beetween Valerii Liþkai and UKrainian ambassador, Serhiy Pirozhkov. The parties talked resuming of full-fledged political consultations. Ukrainian part initiated the common examination regarding demarcation of the Trasnistrian segment of Ukrainian border.

02ndof April 2008

Ukraine`s joining NATO is a strategic objective and a priority to Ukraine`s foreign policy, said the ambassador Serhiy Pirozhkov. But today’s problem is represented by the Trasnistrian settlement. Ambassador underlined the fact that the conflict must be solved as soon as possible. Ukraine as a guarantor-country is doing everything possible so that the negotitaion process in 5+2 format to be resumed. In the diplomat’s opinion, the Trasnistrian settlement will be done based on “Republic of Moldova`s integrity, taking into account intrests of people who live on both banks of Nister”.

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