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How to apply The Access to Public Information Act


Academic year: 2023

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We believe that the following presentation and appendices will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of local administration in the area of ​​access to information. The law does not contain specific requirements regarding the type of public legal entities. The Act on the Administrative Service of Individuals and Legal Entities allows access to this data.

The official data can be found in the bodies' legal papers – joint, individual and legislative. The principle of access to the legal acts of public bodies is that it is granted through their publication in the State Gazette. When the information can avoid a threat to life, health and safety of the public or their property;.

The Minister for Administration should annually publish uniform data containing the information in accordance with Art. They may only be for the protection of public or personal interests as guaranteed by the constitution. The obliged bodies should precisely determine the extent of the exempted information in each individual case.

Ensure the efficient work of public authorities by avoiding public pressure and illegal activities.

What is the access to information procedure?

  • Where to request access to information
  • How to request access to information
  • What is the form we get access to information in
  • What to expect after the request is submitted

The information can be presented in the form of a description: for example, “I would like to access all the information available on …”. Another option is to specify the exact titles of the documents that the citizen needs (along with their reference number, date of publication, characteristics). The citizen is not obliged to indicate how he wishes to receive the information provided.

In accordance with the law, access to information is provided in different forms depending on the wishes of the applicants. This means that if the applicant wants a document that contains legally classified data and unclassified data, access can only be granted after provisionally erasing the parts that are classified. In the decision, the institution concerned must state both the starting and closing dates of the period in which access is granted.

There are even more options for the answer that the institution concerned can give regardless of the decision to access or deny access to the information. After submitting further specifications, the information must be approved by the applicant within 14 days from the date of his reply. It is necessary to request the consent of a third party when the requested information contains data relating to a third natural or legal person.

The letter of consent must be sent within 7 days of the registration date of the request. The deadline for sending the notice of deadline extension is also 14 days from the registration date. The deadline for this notification for redistribution of the request is 14 days from the registration of the application.

The deadline for the redistricting letter is also 14 days from the registration of the application. It is mandatory to indicate in the reassignment notice the title and registered office of the relevant authority or legal entity to which the written request is forwarded. The factual circumstances must include a description of the following: who, when, wanted what information; what were the actions of the responding institution; what were the actual circumstances he/she had to deal with.


1) Access to official information, which is contained in normative acts shall be provided by means of their promulgation

Access to public information related to the activities of other persons responsible for the publication. Conditions and procedures for determining the costs of providing access to public information. Free access and costs in connection with the allocation of public information Art. 1) Access to public information must be free.

The revenues received in the context of providing access to public information are charged to the budget of the relevant authority. 1 must state the reasons for the extension of the period during which access to the public information is granted. If within the time stated in art. 4 If the applicant does not appear or does not pay the required fees, any failure to appear shall be considered a denial of the right of access to public information granted.

In the cases described in sub-art. 1, partial access may be granted to such parts of information, access to which is not restricted. The decision by which access to public information is refused must indicate the legal and factual reasons for the refusal according to this act, the date of the decision and the date of the decision. The decision to refuse access to public information is delivered to the applicant against his/her signature or sent by registered mail.

In the cases described in subsection 1, access to public information will be provided in accordance with the procedure set out in this law.



Each misdemeanor is determined, the penalty is pronounced, appealed and executed in accordance with the Act on Administrative Offenses and Penalties.

A model list of the legally obliged entities under the Access to Public Information Act

The executive managers of the executive agencies - The executive manager of the Academica Agency - The executive manager of the Hale Prevention Agency. The Executive Director of the Office of Military Clubs and Information; The Executive Director of the Central Labor Inspection Office; The Executive Director of the Diplomatic Property Agency in Bulgaria. The Executive Manager of the Military-Residential Fund Agency - The Executive Manager of the Marine Administration Agency.

The Director of the Communications Network - The Director of the Leisure and Leisure Agency - The Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. The managing director of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Agency - The managing director of the Seed Testing and Control Agency. The director of the Central Military Insurance Agency - the managing director of the Medical Board.

Manager of the Territorial Agency for State Internal Financial Control - Manager of the Regional Social Assistance Service.

List of the administrative structures

Interdepartmental working group for limiting and overcoming the consequences of the Kosovo crisis. National Bank for Industrial Microorganisms and Cell Cultures Minister for the Environment and Water. Executive Agency for Control and Maintenance of the Danube River Minister for Labor and Social Policy.

Center for the Development of Human Resources in MTCP, MON, Sofia The Minister of Finance. Summary of the list of facts, information and entities constituting state secrets in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Abstract from the list of the facts, information and entities constituting state secrets in the Republic of Bulgaria

List of types of information that constitute official secrets under various official secrets acts.

List of the types of information constituting official secrets under the various official secrets acts

The information will be provided to you at the location where the information will be provided). Access to the information will be provided to you in the form specified in the request. We cannot provide you with the requested information in the pointed form due to technical impossibility.



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