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With dedicated input from the governor's office and local stakeholders, as well as OSI's methodological guidance and technical assistance. The soum economy has experienced strong progress during the years of transition to a market economy.

Common issues of the soum LED strategy

Importance of the soum LED strategy as a guideline document

The Soum government had previously made efforts to diversify local businesses into different markets and establish cooperation between the government and the private sector. The soum LED strategy, developed through collective and committed input from the implementing agencies and our community, symbolizes the future prosperity of our soum.

Background and Justification

It would be impossible to create this strategy without the tremendous support and contribution of the private sector. The representatives were satisfied that the strategy has covered all spheres of the extraordinary agenda of creating a favorable environment for business development.

The philosophy behind the soum LED strategy

The process created high expectations among citizens, fostering a common understanding that all actors who have contributed to the design of the strategy should be aware of their responsibility for materializing local expectations with successes and possible results from the strategy. Create an environment that fosters a climate of cooperation, enables transparent and effective governance, and responds to community needs and challenges for the development of a prosperous economy and businesses.

The process of development of the soum LED strategy

  • Guiding Principles and Methodology
  • Organizational approach and Regulation
  • Participation and Consultation
  • Business enabling environment survey
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Expected outcomes
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Strategy Implementation Management
  • Financing of the strategy

Adopted and maintained locally applicable regulation for continuous evaluation and monitoring of strategy implementation. The time frame for the implementation of the strategy is much longer than the political mandate of the Suma government.

Overview of Bayankhongor soum

  • Soum Administrative Bodies and their Structure
  • International relations
  • Geography, climate and natural resources
  • Demography: growth, human resources, capacity

Geographical location: Bayankhongor soum (town) is located in the southeastern part of aimag territory and shares borders with Bayan-Ovoo, Erdenetsogt and Ulziit soums. However, such rural-to-urban migration has been quite low these days, resulting in a significant decline in the mechanical growth of the soum population.

Soum economic review: current and

  • Household living standards
  • Budget sources and their expenditures
  • Review of main public and business sectors
  • Markets and Marketing
  • Education, culture, tourism and health services
  • Infrastructure and communal service

Although the total budget and total budget revenues have a growing tendency, the share of local revenues in total budget revenues remains low. The products of trade and services, which are the fastest growing sectors during the last 5 years, account for 67.4% of the total GDP. Therefore, the main sectors that dominate the overall economy are trade, services and livestock production.

Regarding the composition of the catfish herd, goats make up 49.5% or more than half of the herd. 96.5% of the total livestock in Som is privately owned by pastoral families and livestock farmers. Vegetable production: Around 1000 households and 20 organizations in the soum cultivated 135.1 ha of land for vegetable production.

In the soum center, the places to see are modern monuments - the Independence monument, the Friendship complex and the Erdenekhairlkhan religious complex. This is the reason why the soum LED strategy has put the development of tourism as the first priority of medium-term economic development.

The soum LED strategy

LBES Findings

53.9% of stakeholders - survey participants estimated that there is a high demand for professional and qualified labor, but a poor supply. 91.0% of sum companies are interested in expanding their business, of which 90.4% - for expansion within the sum. 28.9% of the participants want to expand the existing activity by improving the quality of goods and services and increasing the volume of production.

72.5% of businesses prefer to reach their business within soum and aimag because they see enough markets. 33.3-47.3% of the participants see the conditions for successful business development such as land, raw materials, qualified and experienced workforce as sufficient, while they perceive them as moderate or bad. Of the participants in the survey, 8.3-26.6% of the respondents answered that they will contribute to deep economic development by creating new jobs, expanding their businesses, training professional staff, paying taxes, while they have not answered.

39.6-41.9% of the participants commented that the national and state tax offices work well and give less points to the economic office of the country as well as to the representatives of Khural citizens. 32.7% of the participants said that the suum government provides the most support for the development of businesses.

SWOT analysis

Local stakeholders argue that the average time that companies spend cooperating with the soum administration is acceptable. LBES participants emphasized that if the Soum government is to support local business, it should work towards improving Soum public services, develop national and local infrastructure, update rules and regulations regularly in response to new challenges and demands, and provide business information, training and expertise. By comparing the importance of these factors, 14 combinations of strengths-opportunities, 20 combinations of strengths-threats, 17 combinations of weaknesses-opportunities, 20 combinations of weaknesses-threats were used, which greatly contributed to soum LED strategy development .

Poor quality, design, packaging of goods, inadequate advertising and promotion, lack of soum brand products 5. No urban development plan and shortage of financial sources for upgrading urban areas, poor waste management and high environmental pollution 9. Slow business growth , lack of large companies, high vulnerability to risks of small and medium-sized companies, lack of companies that can offer good business models 10.

Lack of business development support office to promote businesses with sound support and guidance on market conditions.

Vision-to-Project Matrix

G1:O4:Pr1:Pt1:G1:O4:Pr1:Pt1: Conducting a survey on the distribution of common risk factors of morbidity and mortality in the population 10 G1:O4:Pr1:Pt2:G1:O4:Pr1:Pt2 : Promoting organizations and families that support a healthy lifestyle to a further scale11 G1:O5:G1:O5: Increase from 40% to 70%, the capacity of cultural and sports facilities by 2015. SOUM LED STRA TEGY Objectives (G)Goals (G) Objectives (O)Objectives (O)Programs (Pr)Programs (Pr)Projects (Pr)Projects (Pr) Objective 2: Development of Objective 2: Development of infrastructure, processing infrastructure, processing industry, trade and industry, trade and tourism as priority tourism as priority economic sectors economic sectors. G2:O2:Pr1:Pt1: G2:O2:Pr1:Pt1: Conduct a survey on local SME development capacity 27 G2:O2:Pr1:Pt2:G2:O2:Pr1:Pt2: Conduct a survey the market for the processing of agricultural products and raw materials 28 G2:O2:Pr1:Pt3:G2:O2:Pr1:Pt3: Development of a soum program on "Increasing the production of natural products, mineral deposits and construction materials" 29 G2 :O3:G2:O3: Starting from 2007, increase the turnover of domestic and imported goods by 5% every year.

G2:O4:Pr1:Pt1: G2:O4:Pr1:Pt1: Improving infrastructure and municipal services in ger districts 33 G2:O4:Pr1:Pt2:G2:O4:Pr1:Pt2: Improving drinking water supply and availability of public bathhouses in ger districts and bags 34 G2:O5:G2:O5: In 2015, the number of tourists and visitors will be three times as high, compared to 100 people now. Goals (G)Goals (G)Objectives (O)Objectives (O)Programs (Pr)Programs (Pr)Projects (Pr)Projects (Pr) Goal 3: Upgrade supportGoal 3: Upgrade support and services by non-and services by non - governmental and other governmental and other formal and informal formal and informal organizations organizations G3:O1:G3:O1: Increase from 30% to 50%, access of soum citizens to services provided by NGOs and informal national and international organizations in 2015 G3:O1 :G3:O1: Enhance community participation in the country's economic development. G3:O1:Pr1:Pt1:G3:O1:Pr1:Pt1: Development of a soum program on “Support to NGOs and informal civil society organizations” 38 G3:O1:Pr1:Pt2:G3:O1:Pr1:Pt2: Development of a soum program on “Expansion of external and international relations and cooperation” 39 G3:O1:Pr1:Pt3:G3:O1:Pr1:Pt3: Development of a soum program on “Family Development” 40 G3:O1:Pr1:Pt4 :G3:O1: Pr1:Pt4: Support and scaling up of the citizen movement “Neighborhood Associations” 41 Goal 4: PlannedGoal 4: Planned development of the city todevelopment of the city to make it a complex development center of development within the aimagwithin the aimag.

G4:O1:Pr1:Pt1:G4:O1:Pr1:Pt1: Establishment of an electronic information and advertising center for Bayankhongor city 42 G4:O1:Pr1:Pt2:G4:O1:Pr1:Pt2: Upgrading areas around Erdenemandal Khairkhan and the central boulevard garden 43 G4:O1:Pr1:Pt3:G4:O1:Pr1:Pt3: Upgrading central roads, squares; construction of a monumental complex with fountains44 Goal 5: Protection of Goal 5: Protection of the natural environment and the introduction of efficient introduction of efficient forms of land and pasture forms of land and pasture management. G5:O1:G5:O1: Reduce current levels of soil/water/air pollution exceeding permitted levels by 20% to an acceptable level by 2015.

Project Implementation Matrix

Project Prioritization Matrix

Hard (H), Hard (H), Soft (S) Soft (S) Most Important Important More More Important Important Important Important 19 43 G4:O1:Pr1:Pt2:G4:O1:Pr1:Pt2: Upgrading surrounding areas. 24 5 G1:O1:Pr1:Pt4:G1:O1:Pr1:Pt4: Improving the material base and capacity of preschool education organizations. 25 6 G1:O2:Pr1:Pt2:G1:O2:Pr1:Pt2: Overseas training and scholarships for narrow specialization of government and public personnel and companies in Soum.

29 10 G1:O4:Pr1:Pt1:G1:O4:Pr1:Pt1: Implementation of a survey on the distribution of common risk factors for morbidity and mortality in the population. 36 33 G2:O4:Pr1:Pt1:G2:O4:Pr1:Pt1: Development of soum program to improve infrastructure and communal services in ger districts. Hard (H), Hard (H), Soft (S) Soft (S) Most important Important More Important Important Important Important 38 37 G2:O5:Pr1:Pt3:G2:O5:Pr1:Pt3: Development of support services in tourism.

45 11 G1:O4:Pr1:Pt2:G1:O4:Pr1:Pt2: Promotion of organizations and households that support healthy lifestyles for further scaling up. 46 28 G2:O2:Pr1:Pt2:G2:O2:Pr1:Pt2: Undertake a market survey on processing of agricultural products and raw materials.

Strategic Directions of Soum Business Promotion

Recycling of plastic bags and other plastic items (plastic bottles and other disposable items) discarded in Bayankhongor town and neighboring soums. Create improved availability of consumer goods in German districts, supply safe food and meat products at stable prices.

Project Fiches

Implementation period: 4 years Impact period: Impact period: The effects of the project will serve the society for many years with positive results. Implementation period: 2 years Impact period: Impact period: Durability of the idea presented by the project when the project is implemented. Implementation period: 3 years Impact period: Impact period: Permanent after project completion.

Implementation period: 7 years Impact period: Impact period: The impact period begins after the construction of each of the 200 apartments. Implementation period: 1 year Impact period: Impact period: After one year after the end of the pilot. Implementation period: 207-2008 Impact period: Impact period: As processing increases, the impact of the project will be obvious.

Implementation period: 3 years Impact period: Impact period: Half a year after the end of the project. Brief description of the project: Construction of public showers in the ger neighborhoods of the city. Implementation period: 2 years Impact period: Impact period: Project impacts are achieved when drainage and flood protection facilities are constructed.

Implementation period: 7 years Impact period:Impact period: The impact of the project which can be assessed in two years will be long-term.




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