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Academic year: 2023

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MLPA – Ministry of Local Public Administration OT – Monitorul Zyrtare (Official Gazette of Moldova) MR – Railways of Moldova. NHIC – National Health Insurance Company NHRAP – National Human Rights Action Plan NMB – National Migration Bureau.


The effectiveness and strength of the legal framework for political dialogue between Moldova and the EU varies between documents. The implementation of EUMAP has been placed at the center of the government's efforts, as recognized by the EU institutions.


Statement by the Parliament of Moldova on the Ukrainian initiative on the settlement of the Transnistria conflict. Appeal of the Parliament of Moldova regarding the criteria for democratization of the Transnistria region of Moldova.


The deadlines for the implementation of the EUMAP actions, according to the NPIP, are too broad. This initiative will represent a step back in the reform of the prosecution service and the status of prosecutors. Administration and management of the National Numbering Plan, and the draft law on the processing of personal data.

In order to implement EUMAP provisions, Moldova adopted a number of normative documents and acts in the field of environment. There is a huge problem with the implementation of the plethora of strategies, programs, plans, etc.



Another positive piece of legislation was the Law on Basic Principles and Regulatory Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Activity. Currently, the Law on Protection of Competition, with the amendments introduced by law no. For example, the Law on the Protection of Competition provides for an AKKP which has not been established in due time.

8(1) of the Act on the Licensing of Certain Activities to ensure full compliance with the criteria set out in Art.


In addition, the implementation and enforcement of laws in Moldova is inconsistent despite the existing legal framework. Future efforts should focus on implementing best international practices in budget preparation, implementation and reporting. 55-s of 10 July 2003 regarding the results of the financial audit carried out at the Parliamentary Administration Office in 2002 and decision no.

56-s of July 11, 2003 regarding the results of the financial audit conducted in the Office of the President's Administration in 2002.


A detailed review of the laws governing the economic courts, military courts and the SCJ revealed that these laws duplicate the provisions of the Law on the Organization of the Judiciary and the Law on the Status of Judges. 19 of the Law on the Status of Judges—the Council of European experts mentioned that it is necessary to create a system that can guarantee the independence of judges, which nevertheless allows the prosecution of judges under criminal or civil law . The issues regarding the funding of courts are tackled both at the level of the Constitution and at that of organic laws.

Given the fact that the concept of the judiciary and legal reform in Moldova, approved by Parliament Decree no.


A Committee for Prison Detainee Complaints was created in late 2005 (however, this Committee does not deal with pre-trial detainees), according to Article 177 of the Enforcement Code of Moldova. Late response from the special parliamentary commission that reviewed the situation of the detainees. One of the planned amendments is to add additional wording about "Building Detention Centers" to the Draft.

In addition, the Rules on the Organization and Operation of the Criminal Probation Service were prepared.


The consolidation of the information base and cooperation in this area are very important processes. Another change to the law concerned the introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in all higher education institutions. Action plan for the implementation of the provisions of the Bologna Process in the higher education system of Moldova in the period 2005-2010.

Comenius is the second phase of the Socrates programme, which focuses on cooperation in the field of education and on teenagers between the ages of 14-17. The provision "Adopt a specific plan to promote the participation of Moldova in the IST part of the 6th Framework Programme". Most of them do not have complete financial support, which leads to constant delays in the implementation of the measures stipulated therein.

The European requirements regarding the equipment of the vehicle (with special attention to the cost meter which must have a fiscal memory and issue a receipt to the customer) are applied. In the new structure of the government, the Ministry of Culture was merged with the Department of Tourism Development to form the current MCT.




Contrary to international practice, there are no regulations on the language in which advertising is done, which eventually undermines linguistic and cultural heritage. Unfortunately, even the latest draft of the Broadcasting Code did not adequately address this problem. The ratification of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television was a step that solidified Moldova's European choice.

A new procedure for the selection and appointment of the national regulatory body (BCC), which must be representatively composed of well-known personalities in this field; and who will ensure the regulatory body's independence.


Despite this practice, there have been cases where courts have ruled in favor of the media. The Supreme Court also made a similar decision, ruling in favor of the Parliament in a case initiated by the newspaper Timpul. In May 2004, Timpul requested the transcript of the 2002 autumn-winter session from the parliament.

The working conditions of the media should be improved, treating the media as a business rather than as a tool for political influence; Western.


The draft law amending the law on state social allowances for some categories of citizens has been prepared, which provides for an increase in the allowance for uninsured persons up to 600 lei, in case of death. Taking into account the annual growth of the consumer price index and the annual growth of the average salary in the country, the Government decided in 2006 on the indexation of social insurance payments and some of the state's social grants by 15.7% in 2006. in accordance with objective 8, "Ensure equal treatment", the Parliament passed the Act on the provision of equal opportunities for men and women, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and equal opportunities in the public sphere, socio-economic sphere, in education and health, etc.

The actions undertaken in the field of health care are acceptable in terms of their content.


Also, there should be a link between the descriptions of qualifications within each level of the national system and the description of qualifications in the European system. From January 2004 until now only 9 people from Moldova have participated in the program's individual mobility schemes. It is known that most countries have national agencies for the implementation of Community programs in the field of education and youth, whose role is to disseminate information and coordinate projects.

The recognition of diplomas and periods of study in Moldova falls under the jurisdiction of the Service for the Recognition and Validation of Study Certificates, recently established by the MEY.


The responsibilities of the MID, NARTI and the State Communications Inspectorate are confusing regarding frequency licensing (the law does not clearly divide their responsibilities). The Government of Moldova has started implementing the e-Governance Strategy and Action Plan with support from UNDP through a program Building the e-Governance Component of the National Strategy “Electronic Moldova”. However, experts believe that “the authorities want Moldtelecom to become the third operator of mobile services in Moldova”81.

Significant progress was made here, reflected in the implementation of the government project Building the e-Governance Component of the National Strategy “Electronic Moldova”, supported by the UNDP.


The preparation of the National Program for the Use of Renewable Energy Sources for the period 2006-2010 is in its final phase. The Government of Japan supported the establishment of the Carbon Finance Unit and the Capacity Building Project for the Development and Implementation of Carbon Finance Projects. We are also working to implement the National Plan for Convergence and Improvement of the National Air Traffic Navigation System (LCIP, Local Convergence and Implementation Plan) for the period 2005-2009 in the field of air traffic management and airspace use in accordance with the ECIP strategy of EUROCONTROL (European Organization for the safety of air navigation).

There is a risk that Moldova could be bypassed by the European Corridor 9 due to the country's poor roads.


For example, in France, one of the world leaders in the tourism market, there is a Secretariat for Tourism, while Spain has a Secretariat for Tourism and Trade. At the same time, it is necessary to accelerate the adoption of the Law on Tourism Development (currently in Parliament), which provides for the creation of a system of national tourist areas, in line with the practices of EU Member States far advanced in the field of tourism. this industry (with a clear determination of the status of hotels, local tourist areas, clear conditions for the free transfer to the State of land ownership resources and managed by local authorities or private companies, guarantees of strategic investments in tourism, reduction of the barriers to entry in the tourism market). Draft laws in the field of tourism usually have to be approved by other ministries, national and international experts are consulted (although their recommendations are sometimes ignored), as well as some tourism entrepreneurs.

Depending on the priority given to tourism in the receiving countries, governments support this area to various degrees: from an active promotion of tourism destinations to large tax exemptions for tourism activities.



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