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The project aims to monitor the fulfillment of priorities of the European integration agenda and a series of adjacent evolutions. Transparency of the government and central authorities has not grown, and the opening to the public has even decreased.


22 See the Center for Information and Documentation for the Rights of the Child in Moldova (CIDRC), http://www.childrights.md;. For this reason, “the causes of criminal cases filed against opposition leaders at national and local levels” were not investigated and “the manner in which the Gagauzia People's Assembly dismissed the mayor of Comrat was not condemned.”24


Abuse of the involvement of representatives of the ruling party in various fields continues42;. 36 See also the problems mentioned in the report on the development of the CPA reform in the period January-June 2008;. Certain processes related to the implementation of the investment attraction and export promotion strategy raise concerns; investments in the real sector of the economy stagnate or even decline51;.

63 The study "Demographic phenomena in Moldova in the light of citizens of the country" elaborated by Fin-consultant RI Agency;. Interpellations submitted by legislators in connection with the use of the reserve fund of the Government are ignored76;. 64 The new headquarters of the Eugene Ionesco Theater is not restored due to the lack of funds, INFOTAG.

74 Statement issued by the Republican People's Party regarding the secret elaboration of the national security strategy and the relevant action plan by the authorities;.


On August 26, 2008, when Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov clarified Russia's position on the Transnistrian solution, saying that the parties involved in the Transnistrian conflict were ready to reconsider the "Cossack Plan". Lavrov, no frozen conflict was as close to a solution as the Transnistrian issue: "Almost all warring parties are convinced that it is necessary to reconsider the principles that were supposed to resolve the Transnistrian conflict in 2003. As a result, Smirnov had to lift the moratorium on contacts with Chisinau, introduced after the beginning of the Russo-Georgian conflict.

Following the Russo-Georgian military conflict, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vladimir Ogrizko told a press conference attended by British Foreign Secretary David Milibend on 27 August 2008 that "Ukraine will continue to call for the implementation of the Yushchenko plan on the settlement of Transnistria. This is irrelevant. The explanation rather reveals the desire to delay the resumption of the negotiation process. The intrigue of the meeting in question was to pave the way for a possible trilateral meeting in November 2008 with the participation of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.

The Voronin-Smirnov meeting was allegedly canceled for very peculiar reasons: in particular, the parties did not agree on the time and place of the meeting; there were no security guarantees for the Transnistrian leader, etc.


The SCM has studied a report of CoE experts, which assesses the necessities for opening and making the National Judicial Institute of Moldova work, decided to monitor the implementation of the strategy for initial and further training of judges within the NIJ, coordinate training programs and plans for basic and further training of the audience and judges100;. The reserve of judges is not ensured (According to point 3.1 of the action plan on the implementation of the strategy for the consolidation of the judicial system). The number of judges and prosecutors is not increasing, the caseload is still heavy and unevenly distributed.

Training courses on implementation of the pilot institution take place104; the government approved the model of credentials and badge of probation staff (GD # 1006 of. The Ministry of Justice and the Institute of Penal Reforms developed the initial training curriculum for probation counselors in the field of Juvenile Justice; 3 training modules were organized in June-August 2008 and they finished with capacity tests;.105 New conference of the UN expert mission in the field of torture and violence against women, INFOTAG.


The rising rate of prices slowed, so that a deflation was recorded in June-July and the inflation rate for August and September was 0.7 percent and 0.6 percent respectively. The lower inflation rate enabled the central bank to cut the NBM base rate by 1 percent in September, to 17 percent, and the cash reserve ratio for commercial banks to 20.5 percent;. The currency regulation law110 was published in July and it will come into force within 6 months of publication.

An IMF mission visited Chisinau in September and said the 10 percent inflation rate could be sustained until the end of the year and participated in consultations on the 2009 state budget. The law amending and supplementing the state budget law for 2008 was published in July.111 It increased budget revenues and expenditures and reduced the budget deficit from 223.7 to 99.7 million lei, calling for a zero budget deficit by the end of the year. year; The draft law on amending the state budget law for 2008, which provides for additional funds to increase the salaries of teachers and other personnel from educational institutions and organizations, as well as the law on the state social security budget for 2008, after a law regulated the payment of state social security contributions by patent holders, were submitted to the Assembly in September;

The government has approved the draft state budget act, the draft state budget act for social security for 2009, the act on compulsory health insurance funds for 2009 and submitted them to the Danish Parliament.


The Act on the Control and Prevention of Tuberculosis was passed on 4 July 2008 to regulate the control, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis and to ensure the protection of the rights of tuberculosis patients. An important bill on funding in 2008 for the treatment of uninsured persons suffering from socially determined diseases with a high impact on public health was passed on 10 July 2008. On 4 August 2008 the government approved the nomenclature for supplementary health services for children, schoolchildren and students from educational institutions, which stipulates that permanent medical facilities will open in all schools and colleges, professional schools, colleges and state universities from September 1 to protect the health of school children and students.

On September 25, the concept of strengthening the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Service by reorganizing it into the State Public Health Surveillance Service was discussed; it determines the revision and expansion of the competences and basic functions of the service and empowers the center to coordinate public health activities at the territorial level. According to the regulations in force, the funds used for the implementation of the law on financing in 2008 for the treatment of the uninsured will be recovered from the state budget to the National Health Insurance Company by November 1, 2008 on the basis of documents confirming the expenses. Therefore, the National Health Insurance Company has found itself in a difficult situation to find the necessary funds alone.


A number of phytosanitary standards have been fully or partially aligned with EU rules: regarding minimum criteria for the protection of pigs for rearing and fattening; relating to the surveillance, control and control of avian influenza; concerning the approval of some sanitary-veterinary norms for the surveillance of the bluetongue disease, action plan for the surveillance of brucellosis and tuberculosis in cattle; on establishing control and monitoring rules for the capture of spongiform encephalopathy. The regulation on the registration of a registration of enterprises breeding laying hens, with the aim of ensuring the traceability of food and materials in contact with food at all stages of the cycle, was approved. The Ministry of Agriculture's order no. 18 of 5 February 2004 "on the approval of the sanitary-veterinary norm on sanitary-veterinary conditions for the organization and functioning of veterinary medical units", which prescribes a better functioning of these units, was amended.

Many decisions are not implemented and this prevents the alignment of Moldovan standards with EU regulations.


In light of the current international financial crisis that has particularly affected developed countries, the Republic of Moldova is credited with chances to become more attractive for investments and it should seize these opportunities. In this context, owners of the building described the reopening of this case in a pre-election period as based on political interests, and contested this decision in the ECtHR. This situation harms both the image of the acting Government and the domestic investment environment.

Another questionable decision affecting the business climate is the law regarding the Marculesti International Free Airport approved in August.116 Of course, residents of the new free economic zone (this airport is a free economic zone) will be protected from a much better "business microclimate". ). But the development vision of the country, which is based on economic zones isolated from the rest of the economy through a "safe closure". The continuation of this policy proves the persistence of a "myopic" vision for the country's long-term development model.

117 A se vedea Grupul de experți, ediția 3 a publicației Realitatea Economica, „Economia liberă după gard de beton”, mai 2008.


The adoption of the bill on the legal status of adoption, which was submitted to parliament in March and was not adopted in any reading, comes too late. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Trafficking Report, a report on the anti-trafficking measures taken by the Moldovan government in 2007 and in the first half of 2008, was elaborated and presented at the July 29 meeting of the National Committee for the fight against human trafficking, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Victor Stepaniuc. Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii discussed the issue of combating human trafficking during a July 29 meeting with US coordinators.

CCTP offices presented the situation in the area, the competences of the center, reported statistics, destination countries of THB, international channels discovered and combated this year. Therefore, the Italian authorities will not give the green light to the repatriation of children without a request from their parents. The director is late in approving the draft strategy for the national referral system for victims and potential victims of human trafficking.

135 The report on the prevention and fight against human trafficking in Moldova for the first semester) was presented on Tuesday within the framework of the meeting of the National Committee for the fight against human trafficking, press release of the Cabinet of Ministers of 30/07/2008, http:/ /gov.md;.