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(Az értekezésben részletesen tárgyalt közleményeket félkövér szedéssel jelöltem és ezek egy másolatát a dolgozathoz csatoltam)

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*joint first authors IF: 5,805

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IF: 2,421

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IF: 2,315

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IF: 5,160

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IF: 5,160

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*Joint first authors IF: 2,465

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IF: 5,199

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IF: 2,674

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IF: 5,199

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*joint first authors IF: 5,199

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IF: -

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IF: 2,767

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IF: 5,873

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IF: 1,669

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IF: 1,621

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IF: 3,023

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IF: 8,894

Vax,V.V., Bibi,R., Diaz-Cano,S., Gueorguiev,M., Kola,B., Borboli,N., Bressac-de

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IF: 3,023

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IF: 5,778

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IF: 3,140

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IF: 3,325

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IF: 6,020

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IF: 5,854

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IF: 2,962

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IF: 4,905

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IF: 3,358

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IF: 3,145

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IF: 3,370

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IF: 5,493

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IF: 3,239

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IF: 6,791

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Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2008;doi:10.1210/jc.2008-0366.

IF: 5,493

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IF: 3,370

Kola,B., Farkas,I., Christ-Crain,M., Wittmann,G., Lolli,F., Amin,F., Harvey-White,J., Liposits,Z., Kunos,G., Grossman,A.B., Fekete,C., & Korbonits,M.

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IF: -

Leontiou,C.A., Gueorguiev,M., van der,S.J., Quinton,R., Lolli,F., Hassan,S., Chahal,H.S., Igreja,S.C., Jordan,S., Rowe,J., Stolbrink,M., Christian,H.C., Wray,J., Bishop-Bailey,D., Berney,D.M., Wass,J.A., Popovic,V.,

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IF: 5,493

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IF: 5,193

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IF: 3,560

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In press.

*joint last authors IF: 2,307

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IF: 5,493


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